Stop writing romantic novels NOW!

Stop writing romantic novels NOW!

I have been thinking of writing this piece for a long-long time and today seemed liked the perfect day to start. Not because it’s special or anything but because it’s just another regular day. A regular day sans magic, sans knee shivering, sans romance.

There is a huge problem with every book-lover. We become so engrossed in stories that we start believing that they are true. However, living in a fantasy world does not change reality. I love romantic novels – I really do. I love Nicholas Spark, I love Sophie Kinsella….I love the stupid mushy nonsense. And then, I wonder if the stuff they talk about is really true.

You expect people around you to fit the mould that you have built after reading all that happily ever after…mad in love nonsense (nah!). Authors have this very infuriating habit of taking the first few months of a romance and painting a picture so beautiful that you lose yourself in it. They make you believe that every day for the rest of forever would be like those first few days. They’re smart you know…they always finish the story at a very strategic point. They show the couple madly in love and then, well….then, they end it. They never show how after a few months the two people who were so madly in love start finding faults with each other…with every little thing….it’s not us anymore….it’s always you and I. “You do that.”….”No. I don’t. You do.”…and the colliding tongues become more metaphorical than literal.

Maybe the world would be a better place if authors stop writing Romantic novels. I mean, if I had never read how awesome Levi is in Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl (read it if you haven’t….if you are a true bibliophile, you’ll love the book), I would never even think of expecting the same things from my life. And then, there would be one less harassed boyfriend (lol).

So dear authors, please do not write such over idealized and unrealistic romance… builds falls hopes which HURT when they get shattered…..!!

I wish I could have a fairy-tale romance though (sigh!!)….!!


A plea of a Memory….

A day…a month…a year…..and yet nothing has changed…for me at least.  She was the first true love of my life….you can ask how I know that and I won’t mind because I do know now. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t been with people before then, I had gone out with quite a few but it was the fact that after she came I lost interest in everyone else. She became the center of my world. I wanted to wake up with her face in front of me for the rest of eternity. She was everything a person could hope for….beautiful, caring, intelligent, sweet and best of all, she was herself! There is something in each of us that make us unique. It is hard to pinpoint that one thing or those groups of things until you know a person completely…until you know them, sense them with each breath that you take and she was the ONE. I was painfully aware of her, she would move her hand and I’d be able to feel each nerve standing on end…waiting….anticipating….

I loved her…..I worshipped her…I kept her on a pedestal and she was all that was good and great. I did get mad at my goddess sometimes but who doesn’t? I wanted to give her everything that I could…everything that I was capable of. She had to but ask…and I would lay the stars at her feet. Days passed… devotion increased. People say that with time love vanishes….I beg to differ. Like a wine that needs time to mature, my love for her grew each day….evolved each day…to become something incomprehensible and yet it was the only logical part of my life. I like to think she liked me in the beginning…maybe even found me amusing. Days and nights sped by with a speed I cursed each day. But who am I to halt the flow of time? And then came a day, my Goddess decided she had had enough. It is hard to isolate the exact moment. But one day she was there…the next she wasn’t.

Life lost its meaning. Imagine you have known God….worshipped the real God and then one day he disappears, leaving you with memories and the only option of loving HIM from far. That is how it was for me. I was a leaf lost on the wind. I was a lonely cloud in search of a place to rain down upon. I was a lone bird lost from its flock, looking for a roost. I was a tiny paper boat in an ocean…a paper boat that was launched and forgotten. I unraveled….I lost definition…I lost track of space and time….I wandered and dreamed. My dreams were the best part…they hurt me….but at least I got to see her…dreams of being with my beloved…dreams of her soft hands…dreams of her sweet voice…I would dream of her lovely lips forming words…beautiful words that if only I could hear would tell me the way home…but I could just watch with increasing desperation as she moved farther and farther away and I could not even make out the shape of her words. I would wake up to find that I was still lost and my piteous cry would howl on the wind.

What became of me? I wonder that sometimes too…..maybe I am the wind that howls at night…which gives people shivers and reminds them of the fear…the deep, dark fear of the unknown. Maybe I am the shadow on the wall on a deserted street…a shadow that makes a person hurrying home at night think of ghosts and start muttering prayers under their breath. Maybe I am the sound of crickets at night that makes little babies cry….or that overwhelming feeling of loneliness you feel sometimes. Or maybe I am the echo from the mountains….a faint refrain…a reminder of something that once was.

I don’t know, I don’t remember….but the next time, you see something that frightens you…or makes you remember how lonely you are…..remember me….because it could be me…trying to send a message through anyone who would listen….tell her…I still love her…will always do…

Sad, are you? Try some Harry Potter…the magical cure for all your woes!

It is always Harry Potter. The book I turn to for comfort. I read all day and I read all night but when I’m depressed and desperately need company, the book that has been always there for me is Harry Potter. I don’t know what it is about this series. Maybe it is the fact that I grew up with these books as my best friends or the simple joy of the story that draws me. But whenever I need a best friend….whenever I need to stop thinking about the only person I can never forget…I don’t want to forget… (long story, maybe some other time!) I turn to HP.

Harry Potter reminds me that no matter how bad the situation, there is a magical solution for it. I may have to toil for days, months or years (like they did with the Polyjuice Potion) but eventually patience always pays off. And of course, there are bad guys….wasn’t Voldy one? But you don’t have to stoop down to their level to beat them. They will lose coz of their own wrong ways (his own spell killed him….how I wish certain people in my life would be awarded with a similar fate!)  It is not always sunshine and roses in HPverse….good people get hurt, bad people seem to triumph, but in the end…it’s not about what battles you fought but rather, WHO had your back while you were fighting. Winning and losing are secondary things if you recognize that the one major…the ONLY driving force in this world is LOVE. All other emotions stem from it. Hate, greed, jealousy….name one and you can trace its beginning to ‘LOVE’.

HP is not just a book, it is an experience. While reading these books you discover friends, love, heartbreak, rejection, the joy of winning, the misery of losing and of course, Magic! Each of these things is true and relevant, yes, even magic is. You may disregard it and be skeptical. You may call HP a children’s book….but c’mon….weren’t you a child once? And isn’t a child’s world just as complicated, as thrilling, as real as yours? Fantasy is not about what is, but rather about what could be and I believe that is far more important than the mundane things of our mundane muggle lives. You call HP far-fetched….I say, what is far-fetched is that a guy can murder another guy, a mother can abandon her child, little children can get raped – and yes all these far-fetched stories are true…you see them in the news every day. So why can’t you believe that there may be a little magic still left in the world…waiting to be discovered. A world where mothers give up their lives for their children, a world where friendship and love triumph and hate loses in the end.

HP is not just for kids. It is a book that upholds and promises to help you keep faith in that most flighty and hard to grasp human emotion – HOPE. Humans may have learnt to deal with tragedy but what keeps them alive, makes them human is HOPE and these books have managed to capture its essence teaching anyone who cares to listen the most valuable lesson of their lives. I say, add HP to the curriculum, make it compulsory reading material…let kids grow up on it and then watch as this book weaves its magic into the world. I cannot believe that anyone who grows up with this book as a friend will ever want to give up on their inner goodness. Transform the world…..believe in Magic….and of course, Harry Potter!

Bye…off to catch a dose of HP….my magical cure for everything mundane!

I have no choice…neither do you.

Sometimes there is no choice. Sometimes there is a choice and yet you don’t get to choose. Or maybe, what you get is what you would have chosen all along, even if you feel that you weren’t given a choice. Because, what is choice but a big, blatant lie? If everything is foreordained, aren’t our choices, the selections and their results already decided too? So it doesn’t really matter what you have chosen or what you might have chosen….in the end, it’s all the same.

A little lame to start a monologue but it just goes on to prove that I had no choice. I might have started off some other way if I had a choice or I might not have, I’d never know. And this conundrum lies at the heart of my monologue. Basically, what I mean to wonder is, do we really have a choice? And if we do does it even matter? And of course, there is a reason why I am being so philosophical.

I am starting a new series of diary entries? Posts? Monologues? Call it what you may, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet (or would it? I mean, if I called this a travelogue…it is, in a way…my journey…..wouldn’t it reduce my readership to half???…I’m not too fond of travelogues myself). Anyway, let us let the technical matters rest….and come to the point of interest. I am going to write a random note to myself….or to anyone out there who is interested in reading quite frequently (will try to). I did not really have a choice in the matter. I will go mad if I do not write this down. Or maybe I might have decided to write it anyway. Either way, these posts will be random, unrelated and totally a waste of time. If you are trying to take a break from Shakespeare or Chaucer, I’m sure you can give this little diary a peek or two (do you even have a choice??) and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. What you may be wondering (again I know you are wondering coz there is no choice) is what I am trying to accomplish by this. I am trying to write my story. The story of a twenty two year old girl who may not have had a very interesting life but who wants to make sense of it. I tried writing a sequential thing but failed. So I have decided to write whatever comes to my mind, in a hope that some of you may be able to glean some meaning from this mess I call life and explain some of it to me too.

Waiting for your insightful comments….till then, Take care! And wait for the next post. (You have no choice!)

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